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Victoria Maw reviews the ArenaMate Type 3

Victoria Maw - International Dressage Rider

"Every time I use the ArenaMate I’m just as excited and pleased about the finish as the first time I used it. 

The ArenaMate leveller has been a great addition to our yard. It’s used on a regular basis giving a very professional finish every time. The side bar has saved us hours of time as it effortlessly pulls back the edges of the arena this is something we used to rake in by hand. 

We used to use a tractor and grass harrow but we weren’t getting the level surface we needed. Now we have an arena that is so evenly levelled where there are no divots ready for the horses to give their best performance."

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.8m RFB

Joe Stockdale reviews the ArenaMate Type 3

Joe Stockdale - International Showjumper

"We have used the Arena Mate leveller for our surfaces for many years and find it perfectly set up to do the job in both of our arenas, which are used daily.

It is an excellent piece of engineering, easy to use, it maneuvers really well and it is available in many different sizes, hitch types, paint colours and combinations to suit most types of surface.

Put that with the excellent service from Jelka and you have a winning combination."

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.8m RFB

Joe Whitaker reviews the ArenaMate Type 3

Joe Whitaker - Showjumper

"I have the ArenaMate Type 3, 1.8m RFB for my waxed indoor arena.  It does a really great job at keeping the surface ready to exercise the horses on and it’s really easy for us to use every day.

The service from ArenaMate was excellent from start to finish, helping me to choose the right machine for our yard and surface.  Even to the point of the onsite demo, the chaps are really helpful and thorough.  Highly recommended."

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.8m RFB

Emma Green reviews the ArenaMate Type 3

Emma Green - BSc PGD RAMP Veterinary physiotherapist 

“A horse’s balance, rhythm, proprioception, musculoskeletal health and all round performance can be greatly impinged by an arena surface of poor quality and incorrect maintenance. 

As a veterinary physiotherapist I chose the Arenamate leveller to maintain and level my arena surface, ensuring the fibrous material is worked in, along with attached rollers to compact the surface. 

 This high quality equipment provides effective levelling, giving assurance and piece of mind that my horses are able to perform to their best and their body health is maintained.”

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.8m SSR

simone potten reviews arenamate type 1

Simone Potten

“ You guys are amazing, thank you. He was a great help, and the advice given invaluable so sincere thanks. I am so pleased with the leveller, I don’t know how I ever managed without it. Fantastic product, fantastic service, thank you. ”

ArenaMate Type 1 & Tines

Nigel Taylor - Aston Le Walls

“I have been using an Arenamate leveller for my international arenas at Aston le Walls since 2015, and I can confidently say that the service that Arenamate provides is second to none. The team at Arenamate consists of knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are always available to help, even if it's just a quick phone call. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

One of the things that I appreciate the most about Arenamate is their onsite demonstration service. When you first purchase a leveller from Arenamate, they will come to your site and give you an onsite demonstration. This is incredibly helpful, as it allows you to see the leveller in action and get a sense of how it should be set up for your specific surface. This ensures that you get the best possible results from your leveller right from the start.

The leveller makes it easy to maintain a consistently level surface, which is essential for the safety and performance of both horses and riders. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend an ArenaMate leveller to anyone who is serious about maintaining their arena.”

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.8m RFB 

Graeme, Ord Stables

"We’re delighted with our ArenaMate. After I put the new school in I was using opico tine harrows and it wasn’t a good surface at all, bringing all the fibres to the top. Once we got this and it started mixing the surface our liveries love it. Visiting instructors and when we hold clinics always get fantastic feed back on the surface. Its definitely this that done it though as it was rubbish for 6 months until I bought it. We do the surface 4/5 times a week.”

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.5m RFB 

Smithstone Equestrian Centre

“Arena maintenance day with our superb ArenaMate Type 3 harrow. Once a month our indoor is cleared, cleaned and surface rigorously levelled and cross-harrowed. This keeps our surface in the best possible condition for our events and clients”

ArenaMate Type 3, 1.5m RFB 

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