Type 3 RFB

The Type 3 is a highly effective maintenance tool designed to loosen, mix and level riding surfaces

Transform your riding surface into a safe, functional and longer lasting riding space.  The ArenaMate® is effective at mixing, grading and levelling all synthetic and sand based surfaces including waxed and dry.

Benefits of the ArenaMate® Type 3 RFB

ArenaMate® side blade for bringing in the edges of an arena

No more banks around the riding arena!

Every ArenaMate® leveller features an adjustable side blade for quick and easy perimeter grading - or "bringing in the edges"

ArenaMate® leveller on a perfectly level riding arena

Make level and consistent riding surfaces 

Our unique combination of tines and rollers on the ArenaMate® levellers ensures your arena, gallop or lunge pen is a more level and consistent surface to ride on!

Close up of ArenaMate® harrow tines for riding surfaces

Easily relieve riding surface compaction

The ArenaMate® S Tines made from curved spring steel easily loosen, mix and level riding surfaces and prevent a "dead" riding surface.

All the features of the ArenaMate® Type 3 RFB

Flexible use for any riding surface

Thanks to the unique combination of tines and rollers within a specialised configuration, the Type 3 is designed to mix and level sand, wax, mixed and dry riding surfaces. 

Adjustable side blade for easy perimeter grading

Every ArenaMate® machine features an adjustable side blade for easy perimeter grading 

Heavy duty construction "Made in Britain"

Built in our own UK workshops we construct every machine ourselves using the best British components

Precise tine depth control for surface looseness

Thanks to the stepless control available you can adjust the tine depths to achieve the exact riding surface you want.

Curved "S" tines for superior mixing and levelling performance

Thanks to the stepless control available you can adjust the tine depths to achieve the exact riding surface you want.

Double rollers for superior stability and ultimate control

Double split rollers reduce surface scuffing when turning and stabilise the machine for a steady ride.

ArenaMate ® Type 3 RFB: FAQ

The below-listed options contain a description and our recommendations to assist your decision-making process about your new leveller.  Any questions, please ask, we would be glad to help.

  • Dry riding surfaces (a "dry surface" means no wax) including sand and fibre, rubber, sand and irrigated surfaces
  • Waxed riding surfaces (a "waxed surface" has added wax as a binder in various percentages according to manufacturer)

Use the ArenaMate® Type 3 RFB for arenas, gallops and lunge pens.

Options available?
Variant ListOptions (standard in bold)

Axle type

Standard/Heavy Duty

Side Blade Position


Yes as the manufacturer we have all spare parts available.  We will also part exchange your old machine for a new one, regardless of age or state.

Please contact us or visit the online shop.



Type 3 RFB


400x8 4ply Tubeless

Tine quantity based on leveller width

1.5m - 14 tines
1.8m - 17 tines
2.1m - 20 tines
2.4m - 23 tines
2.7m - 26 tines
3.0m - 29 tines

Axle Type

Standard/Heavy Duty (optional)
Jack SystemManual jack
ColourMain frame: Navy Blue/Rollers: Black
RollersTwin split rollers at the front and rear

ArenaMate® Type 3 RFB - Weight/Dimensions


Width (mm)

Weight (KG)

Height (mm) (wheels retracted)

Length (mm) (including drawbar)

1.5m RFB




1.8m RFB




2.1m RFB




2.4m RFB





2.7m RFB





3.0m RFB





ArenaMate® Type 3 RFB - Image Gallery

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