ArenaMate ® Leveller Type 3  

The ArenaMate® Leveller Type 3 is a highly adaptable harrow for horse arenas that can effectively blend and even out various equestrian arena surfaces, including sand, synthetic materials, waxed surfaces and fibers.

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Features & Specifications: ArenaMate ® Type 3

ArenaMate ® Type 3 Features

Great for almost any surface

Our winning combination of tines and rollers means that you can pretty much use the ArenaMate ® Type 3 to maintain many different surface types such as sand, rubber, fibre and waxed.

Adjustable Side Blade

Effortlessly use the side blade to pull in material from around the kick boards back onto the arena.  No more manual raking!

Adjustable Twin Split Rollers

Split rollers prevent surface scuff marks when turning.  The roller frame is built to adjust the tine depth.

We have a model called SSR with single split rollers at the back and another called RFB with rollers at the front and back.  Click here to read more.

Agricultural Grade S Tines

4 rows of high quality agricultural grade tines to efficiently mix and loosen the surface materials.  Tines are spaced accordingly to give maximum input and minimal risk of blocking.

ArenaMate ® Type 3 Specifications


1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 3m.  Depending on your arena size, quantity and towing vehicle.  All that matters is that your leveller is wider than your towing vehicle.


The weigh is different per machine and spec, please request this information from us.


ArenaMate® Navy blue frame with black rollers.

Hitch Types

Our standard is the 50mm ball hitch

We can also make pin hitches from 12mm to 32mm

For tractor owners that prefer the 3 point linkage, all RFB machines can be fitted with a 3PL.

ArenaMate ® Type 3: Your Product Options

The below-listed options contain a description and our recommendations to assist your decision-making process about your new leveller.  Any questions, please ask, we would be glad to help.

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