Our solution to deter and prevent quadbike theft

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Quadbike theft is on the rise in the UK...

Our Solution - QuadSafe®

The latest figures show a 26% increase annually in the theft of quad bikes, bringing the total value to a staggering £2.8m in 2022!

We often hear similar stories from our clients: my quadbike has been stolen!  So, we decided to try and fix the problem, how can we deter or prevent the theft of a quadbike?

The QuadSafe® is a steel frame security device for quadbikes:

  • Bolted onto a concrete floor 
  • Easy to install and use
  • Locking cross bar
  • Reverse in, drive out
  • Fits almost all quadbikes

Please note that the photos shown are prototypes and the final version may be slightly different.  Please ask any questions:

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How ​QuadSafe® Works:

Bolt down frame

Bolt down the QuadSafe® frame on all four corners with security bolts which will prevent unauthorised removal of the frame.

Locking cross bar

A removeable cross bar allows reverse in, drive out access to the QuadSafe®.  Once in, lock the cross bar with a specially designed pin and lock.

Tyre guards

Tyre guards prevent the quad being removed from the back of the frame and provide a bump stop to reverse up to.

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