Root aeration in grass with a spring tine harrow

Aeration is the process of air exchange between soil and atmosphere, how does a spring tine grass harrow help improve this and why is root aeration important?

What is root aeration?

Aeration is the process of air exchange between soil and atmosphere.  To improve the natural aeration process we must mechanically remove thatch and surface debris to open the soil surface to the air.

What does a spring tine harrow do for root aeration?

  • A spring tine harrow like the ArenaMate® Grass Harrow uses spring tines to penetrate the soil surface breaking up the thatch layer on the ground which allows air to penetrate deeper into the soil profile.  
  • The harrow does this by the oscillating motion of the tines being dragged through the surface at a medium speed.

ArenaMate® Grass Harrow in action

Why is root aeration important?

  • Improved soil aeration encourages root growth due to the increased soil respiration and nutrient uptake.  
  • As the roots grow deeper into the soil this strengthens the root zone and increases plant resilience as the roots are able to access moisture further down in dry weather.  
  • Deeper roots increases the soil stability and drainage so that water is absorbed into the soil quicker.

brown horses on green grass field under blue sky during daytime

Conclusion to root aeration and spring tine harrows

The primary purpose of a grass harrow may not be specifically for root aeration however the soil loosening action indirectly supports healthier root systems and one of the key parts to paddock maintenance.

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