Choosing your ArenaMate ®​ Type 3: SSR vs RFB

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How to choose your ArenaMate ®​ Type 3: SSR VS RFB.  What are the differences?

The ArenaMate ® Type 3 is the ideal machine for arena surfaces with two components such as sand/fibre, waxed and synthetic.  Once you've decided that the Type 3 is the machine for your surface our experts have written this is a short blog to help you understand the differences between the Type 3 SSR and Type 3 RFB:

The ArenaMate ® Type 3 SSR

Type 3 SSR - Single Split Roller

The SSR has a split roller mounted to the back of the leveller.  This model is light and easy to manoeuvre.


Great for low-powered towing vehicles but heavy enough to do a great job on all surfaces.

With only a single roller, the SSR is more affordable for recreational arenas and small private yards.


Depending on your towing vehicle, suspension (mainly quads) may change the tine height at different speeds.  It is a standard service for an authorised ArenaMate representative to help you check the SSR settings on delivery.

Uneven surfaces

The SSR is particularly good in maintaining surfaces that easily become unlevel.  For example carriage driving arenas.

The ArenaMate ® Type 3 RFB

Type 3 RFB - Roller Front & Back

The RFB has an additional split roller mounted to the front of the leveller which gives the machine more stability and weight.

Easy to setup & use

Simple and adaptable operating system with completely adjustable tine heights at the back and front.

3PL compatible
If you prefer your tractor 3 point linkage, the RFB can be supplied with an A frame.  This option is not available with an SSR.

Weight for surface consolidation

RFBs weigh approx. 80-100kg more than the counterpart SSR model.  Make sure your towing vehicle has the appropriate towing capacity.

Stability of front roller

To be absolutely sure you are keeping a level surface, the stability of the front roller ensures perfect tine control and increased roller to surface contact.

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