Choosing between an SSR and RFB
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How to choose between a Type 3 SSR and RFB:

The ArenaMate Type 3 is the ideal machine for arena surfaces with two components such as sand/fibre, waxed and synthetic.

Differences between the SSR and RFB?

Type 3 SSR - Single Split Roller

The SSR has a split roller mounted to the back of the leveller only. 

Type 3 RFB - Roller Front & Back

The RFB is almost identical in tine layout to the SSR however the RFB has an additional split roller mounted to the front of the leveller.

Pros and Cons of the SSR and RFB?

SSR - Single Roller

Pro: lightweight

Great for low-powered towing vehicles but heavy enough to do a great job.

Pro: affordable

With only a single roller, the SSR is very affordable for individuals and private yards.

Con: set up

Towing vehicle suspension may change the tine height at speed.  It is a standard service for an authorised ArenaMate representative to check the SSR settings on delivery.

RFB - Double Roller

Pro: easy to setup & use

Simple and adaptable operating system with completely adjustable tine heights for a wide range of surfaces.

Pro: 3PL compatible

The RFB enables the addition of a 3-point linkage.  This option is not available with an SSR. 

Con: weight

RFBs weigh approx 80kg more than the same size SSR.  Make sure your towing vehicle has the appropriate capacity.

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