ArenaMate™ Joins Jelka
ArenaMate™ is now part of the Jelka Group

ArenaMate™ is pleased to announce we are teaming up with the well-known equestrian brand Jelka (formally Jelka Engineering Ltd, part of the Jelka Group). We have entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of ArenaMate™ from its parent company GG Engineering and completed in August 2021.

The last 20 years have been an incredible journey for us all at ArenaMate™ and none would have been possible without the effort of our amazing team and customers.

The ArenaMate™ arena equipment and levellers that hundreds of equestrians own and love will continue to be crafted by the same team of professionals.  All existing staff are to be retained.

At Jelka we share the same values as ArenaMate™ and our areas of expertise will complement each other for the benefit of our equestrian customers.

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Stay tuned for more information!

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